Installation: > install.packages("RMySQL", dependencies = TRUE) > library(RMySQL) Simple usage: > con > dbGetQuery(con, "select * from sakila.sales_by_store") store manager total_sales 1 Woodridge,Australia Jon Stephens 33726.77 2 Lethbridge,Canada Mike Hillyer 33679.79 > sales_by_film_category > qplot(category, total_sales, data=sales_by_film_category, geom="bar", fill=category)

Basic idea: Goals: support streams use \220 and \223 to support finer granularity on the same # of rows  

Repo: Base: Additional provisioning: wget tar xjvf employees_db-full-1.0.6.tar.bz2 && rm -f employees_db-full-1.0.6.tar.bz2 cd employees_db mysql -t < employees.sql wget tar xzvf sakila-db.tar.gz && rm -f sakila-db.tar.gz mysql < sakila-db/sakila-schema.sql mysql sakila < sakila-db/sakila-data.sql

I am adding a Notes category to this blog, for 'lab' style notes that are mostly meant for self-consumption. I am making this public because it makes it easier for me to collaborate, and maybe some of the content ends up being useful to a wider audience.

I am setting up an evaluation copy of Windows 2012 Server on a VM to run some tests for an upcoming webinar, and after more than a decade without installing Windows, I am pleasantly surprised by the honesty of the estimation: "Your computer will restart several times. This might take...