Patches for the Behringer Poly-D

The Behringer Poly-D is a great analog synth that seems to be a modern take on the Minimoog and provides for endless fun for amateur musicians. I'm sure it's great for professionals too but I woudln't know, I make a living on databases. The image used in the patches is taken from the synth's manual.

Chamaleon Bass Sound

An approximation to the sound of the iconic bass line. That bass line that, if it doesn't get you moving, don't call 911, call the undertaker!

The attack knob on the loudness countour section is almost (but not quite) 0.

Chamaleon Bass Sound

Blown blues organ

Patch aftertouch to filter. You should get a clean sound if playing a single note at a time, but the "blown amp" sound if pressing more.

Blown Blues Organ

Prepare for landing