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I work with and on Open Source databases, currently at Life360. Among other places, I have worked at Perceptyx, Pythian, and Percona. I’m also an amateur musician, and a very happy husband and dad.

You can contact me at linkedin

Please note that is the only social network I use. I am not on twitter or facebook, though you’ll find people there with my same name and on at least one case, from my same country (Uruguay). You’d be confused if you follow them expecting to get updates from me.

I’ve been involved in the Open Source community as a user since 1997, and as programmer since 2002, contributing to a few projects, and leading some of my own.

More info can be found here:

This place is where I blog about software engineering, art, music, and anything I feel like.

The opinions expressed here are mine and do not reflect those of any clients or employers, past, present or future.

This blog used to be hosted on Wordpress a long time ago, and once I moved to a static site, I used Disqus for comments for a bit. However, being unable to get rid of all tracking (which is fine, I was not paying for Disqus), I decided to just remove the comments feature instead. An export of Disqus comments can be found here (here’s the original xml file).


Fernando Ipar

"Tell my wife I love her very much, she knows"

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