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The original blog (and a few other pages) is still available but probably won't be updated anymore. All future content will just be linked from this page.

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I'm currently working as a DBRE at Life360. I've created a short page for recruiters, and here's where I keep links to some of my presentations. This is the list of all posts from the old blog, and this is an even older blog, if you have time to waste. Random list of things I've done professionally:


Some links.


My Poly-D patches.


The journey to emacs proficiency is a lifetime one, and it includes developing the skill of knowing when you've customized it enough.

My first recommendation is to read the book Mastering Emacs and to make it a habit to check Sacha Chua's blog, which is a treasure trove of all things Emacs.

My second recommendation is that you try org-mode, as it's one of the best text-based knowledge organization and task management software out there.

Always remember emacs is programmable and you don't need to use the builtin key bindings. For years (more than a decade actually) I used evil-mode, which gives you vim key bindings on emacs. I'm now mostly using the default ones for simple things, but otherwise my setup is heavily customized. You can read a list of posts on this topic at the following links:

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