As stated in my LinkedIn profile, I am currently not looking for opportunities. However, if you think what you have is so compelling that it can make me change my mind, please bear in mind that:

  • I will not consider relocating for a job. There are no exceptions to this rule. This may change in the future (think years, if not decades) so I don’t mind you poking me, provided you don’t mind me answering “Thanks, but not right now, thanks. I don’t mind if you keep me on your list and check sporadically”. That means if you want to extend me an offer, you must be able to hire or contract people in Uruguay. If you’re not sure, please find out before reaching out.

  • I will not consider working from an office. The occasional (think every other year) on site is ok. If no travel is required, monthly office visits are ok too.

  • Open positions that include a public salary range make the job market a less unfair place for minorities and underrepresented groups (See this post).

These days it seems fashionable among some to openly mock recruiters’ emails. That is not my style though. Unless a request is deemed too spammy (e.g., reaching out to me about a position that does not involve any of my skills, making it clear you did not even read my profile), I will always take the time to respond. There’s no SLA on the response time though!

Also, I like to help people. If I am not interested in an opportunity, but I think someone I know is and would recommend them, I’ll ask if you’d want me to make the connection. I don’t share contact details without both parties agreeing.


Fernando Ipar

"Tell my wife I love her very much, she knows"

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