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Time for the sporadic update about my emacs configuration journey.

I’m now on 29.1, and as part of the upgrade process, I refactored my config into more, smaller files, to make it easy to selectively disable features while troubelshooting startup problems.

Since I use both a personal and a work machine, maintaining emacs’ configuration in sync has been a challenge. I’ve now gone back to keeping this on a private git repo, and I created a simple macro to support adding config snippets depending on the machine name:

For example, at work I’m using Github Copilot (through the neovim plugin and and I set this up on a file named copilot.el on my ~/.emacs.d/ with this content:

I’m now simplifying my shortcuts a little bit by using hydras, resulting in things like this:

Finally, I’m now using modus vivendi, which is now included on 29 (so I’m linking that repo just as a reference).

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