I'm taking the MySQL Certification exams soon, and while I'd love to take advantage of official training, the closest classes near me will be in Buenos Aires (just a few hundred kilometers and an estuary away) in over a month, and I hope to be done with the Developer exams by then.

So I'll be documenting, under the MySQL category, anything I think is worthwhile and could be of use for someone in my position.

My plan, so far, is to follow the book (which I was fortunate enough to find in a local book store, otherwise I'd have to add a few more days of delay to account for the Amazon delivery wait, even with the most expensive method), and check the online manual for updates, since the book is from 2005 so it's probably outdated on quite a few things.

More information is available at these links.

Well, that's it. If this interests you, stay tuned!

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