My previous post contained a lua script for MySQL proxy that would generate benchmarking information. However, just days (or maybe hours?) after I published it, release 0.7 of mysql-proxy was published, making my script obsolete.

I've fixed this (it needed just a minor tweak), so here's a tarball with the following:

  • trace.lua, which is the lua script to use with mysql-proxy
  •, which is a shell script that will load the output of mysql-proxy into the analysis tables. This creates the __perf database and the proper analysis table if needed. THIS LOOKS FOR trace.log IN THE CURRENT DIRECTORY. yeah yeah, it could take the name as an argument, but this is not intended as a package, it's just an example for you to follow.

Remember to save the output of mysql-proxy in order to load it later with (i.e., run something like mysql-proxy --proxy-lua-script=/path/to/trace.lua > trace.log and then

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