On October 15 and 16 I'll take the ferry to be at the MySQL NoSQL Cloud conference in Buenos Aires, and the schedule looks really nice so far. I think it's a great opportunity for people in this region to get up to date with what's going on in the MySQL ecosystem, and to have good discussions with members of the community that aren't usually around here.

I still haven't decided my complete agenda, as in some cases it's difficult to pick one track and miss the other one, but for now, here are some highlighted sessions I'm definitely attending:

  • "Synchronize your data between MySQL and MongoDB". Giuseppe's┬ásessions always include a live demo and I'm very interested to see Tungsten at work in an heterogeneous set up like this one.
  • "Analytic/Big Data (Non-Full Text) Search with Sphinx". I've always used Sphinx for full-text searches, so I want to get a fresh perspective on it. Unfortunately, this means I'll have to skip my colleague Martin's presentation on Percona XtraDB Cluster, but I have seen him deliver at the Montevideo MySQL Meetup so I'm covered :) If you're new to PXC though, I'd recommend his session.
  • Naturally, I must attend my own sessions "Proactive measures to minimize MySQL downtime" and "Percona Toolkit Recipes". These are based on previous deliveries I've made, but updated, and in spanish.
  • "TokuMX: Alta perfomance en MongoDB con Indices Fractales". I'll get to learn more about fractal indexes, and in spanish, what could be better here?
  • "Percona Server 5.6 : New features and performance improvements". Yes, I work with Vadim, but I don't get to see him present too often :) If you don't work with him and therefore don't have a direct line to pester him with questions, this is a great chance!

There are many presentations I left out of the list, which does not mean they're not interesting, just that I'm not sure I'll be able to attend,since knowing myself, I'll probably spend some time doing last minute tweaks to my talks, and/or helping others with theirs.

For people who will be attending and not worrying about presenting, the chance to see folks like Colin Charles, Ronald Bradford, or Monty Taylor presenting and to ask them questions should be priceless!

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